Impressions of Wan Chai

Now that I’ve lived in Wan Chai for more than a year, I feel that it’s about time to put my thoughts and feelings down.

Wan Chai is wonderful. It has so many aspects to it. Commercial, Residential, Industrial zones coexist almost fluently within a small and confined foot print. I can feel the energy bursting for room when I walk the streets every day. In a food analogy, Wan Chai is like the meat patty in the burger. Sandwiched between Causeway Bay (delightful large sesame seed bun) and Admiralty (thin and consistent, like a lettuce leaf or pickle) and Central (another delightful large bun). Wan Chai has the unexpected textures – raw, medium, well done, depending on which side you decide to chew on. It has the fatty bits (high rises) and the leaner bits (low rise shop houses) but it is juicy no matter where you bite.

This is my to attempt to document the angles and facets of daily life in Wan Chai.


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