Tai Wong Street East Sitting Area

Tai Wong Street East is another one way street in old Wan Chai, running from Queens Road East (QRE) to Johnston Road.

Tai Wong East Street Sitting Area
Tai Wong East Street Sitting Area


A fair amount of gentrification has happened along this street nearer the Johnston road end, most notably the Pawn which is now a nice bar and restaurant. The side nearer QRE retains some of the older shops and charm. I’ll get into that in a separate blog entry.

If you should find yourself along this street and do not wish to have to pay for a drink at a bar to rest your feet, you can head to this little rest area. It’s nothing fancy and frankly there is the constant hum of nearby air conditioning compressors, but it’s good enough for a ten minute pit stop to change a diaper or drain the water bottle you brought with you.

Shaded Sitting Area
Shaded Sitting Area
It is pram friendly only on the pavement approaching from Johnston road, so if you are coming from QRE, walk on the right side of the street to avoid all the stairs then cross to the left side of the street to access the sitting area.

The different platform layers have a significance, it’s cut in the shape of the reclaimed coastlines. In the evenings, some other kids come out to play and have a grand old time hopping off the ledges. It’s good that they put a railing near the exit to prevent kids from accelerating onto the street.


Wan Chai’s changing coastlines
Jumping from one generation to the next
 It is between the bird shop (parrots displayed outside is also very interesting to kiddies) and the Wen Ding standalone chinese restaurant.



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