Tak Yan Street Playground

The location of this playground is a little strange. In the sense that it seemed kind of an afterthought. 

It was as if city planners said ok there’s space here, let’s put something in for kids. Then the playground planner dudes looked at it and said… Err ok well I guess a swing set and two rocking horses should make them happy. Hmm.

Playground layout tak yan
someone is always snoring on the benches

This is the only swing set near Wan Chai Park (which doesn’t have one!!!).

Most resident mommies do this:

  • Morrison Hill playground for the kid to release that pent up energy
  • Proceed on a 5 minute walk to Tak Yan St for the swings
  • Lug the kids home

There are many schools here and a public swimming pool. These playgrounds do occasionally get busy after school but as it’s very small, not many kids bother with it. So queues for the swing won’t be that long. 

A sitting out area was recently added. It seems to be quite popular. There are no toilets or other amenities here.

Sitting Area
The only thing that bothers me is that there’s a power supply station right across the road. 

It’s really too bad that most Hong Kong city playgrounds are situated near refuse collection sites and power supply stations or large busy road intersections. It must be tough to reorganise the city when land is so tightly controlled by private developers.


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