Tung Wah Centenary Square Gardens

Named after the Tung Wah group of hospitals, it is unclear why the park is situated here in a rather awkward location. I’ve never seen anyone use this park except the cleaners who keep it squeaky clean.

Centenary Square Gardens
I wish there was more to say about this little sitting park. It’s hardly a garden, a number of trees that you can count on one hand and some shrubs. There are lots of benches and a lot of concrete. 

Named for the school sponsored by the Tung Wah group situated just behind, it’s a little rectangle that diagonally faces the street intersection and is across from the Sikh temple and kindergarten.Perhaps it was designed for old folk or patients from the nearby hospital to sit around outside and get some sunshine or do tai chi in the yard like area. 

I recommend giving it a miss unless you need to tie your shoelaces or missed your bus and need a place to sit and wait. 



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