Quick no MSG Noodle Lunch on Landale Street

Landale street has been having a makeover lately. Gone are many of the little local grimier places, replaced with several spanking new eating joints.

One of them has a particularly fancy name that has a millennial marketing feel to it. Foxtail and Broomcorn declare their philosophy of using no MSG and using slow cooking techniques.

I invited a friend to try the noodles there with me today for an early quick lunch before small person had to be shuttled to school.



What a great day for a bowl of hot noodle soup”, remarked my friend as we settled in our seats. The temperature has dropped around 5 degrees overnight to the relief of all Hong Kongers. Winter, is finally here.

We went at 11.30am and the crowd followed at noon. While no one else was occupying the high tables, the staff permitted my pram in the restaurant. However once the tables filled up, my pram was relegated outside just beyond the glass sliding door. We were sitting right by the door so I didn’t mind.

Lunch sets were very reasonable at less than HKD 80 per head. The noodles were a decent portion, the soup was tasty but I wish that these noodle shops would add a tad more green vegetables to their serving. I find this lacking at every noodle shop except at 一碗面. Vegetables are relatively inexpensive but possibly more work to process and clean. Perhaps most diners prefer having more protein. (Hmm an idea would be for them to provide an option for one to order meat and vegetables in broth with less or no noodles.)

I had the Amoy fish bee hoon noodles, my friend had the chicken coconut soup bee hoon noodles.

The set comes with a choice of drink and we were recommended the house fruit tea. It was served warm, which was as requested, but a tad in the sweet side. Ice would have solved this by dilution I suppose.

Overall it is was okay, nice presentation for menus and ambience but it would be better if the dishes looked as hearty as the photos in the menu. Perhaps we’ll try the starters next time and see how those work out.

Note for families

  1. No high chairs available
  2. No children utensils or plates but everything is plastic.
  3. Soup spoons (they claim this was the only spoon they have) are too large for comfortable toddler eating
  4. Get the bench seating if going with kids.
  5. Try to sit near the door if you have a pram.
  6. Peak hours 12-2pm, queues build up very quickly during this time.



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