Panash Bakery on Hennessey Road

Hennessey road is generally not a nice road to walk on. It’s busy with people hurrying and weaving in and out. Bus fumes are the eau de jour, and there are heaps of buses that literally line up one after the other in a traffic jam.. They almost form a train. The incessant honking of cars and revving of minibus engines ricochet off the buildings forming an asynchronous symphony which could leave you with a headache and feeling rather out of breath.

 My suggestion is that you always try to walk on streets parallel to Hennessey but intersect it when you have to. 

This brings me to my favourite Hennessey traffic intersection. 

Depending on where you’re trying to get to, the intersection that leads from Johnston/ Heard Street over Hennessey to Lockhart and Jaffe is a very popular one. It’s a big junction and the roads are at least three lanes wide in each direction. What I love about this crossing is the timing of the lights. If you wait until all lights are green for pedestrians, you get to do the diagonal crossing and avoid getting stuck in the traffic island in between the directional lanes (1). You won’t have to wait for the other languages get to turn to cross at (2). You’ll see a few locals doing the diagnose all, feel free to follow their lead. 

If you’ve managed to cross over Hennessey  (1), and happen to need a snack, it’s not all that bad. Pop into Panash Bakery to pick up a loaf of bread or pastry. The raisin loaves (HKD 16 each) are light, fluffy and full of raisins. It’s one of my favourites. 

They have a board with baking times for the breads, occasionally you may get there to find that the croissants aren’t out of the oven yet. All the more excuse to try a different type of pastry.

Other pastries are equally popular, they have one called “salty bread” which is a special and the profiteroles which come in chocolate or cheese (HKD 3.50 each) are delight in a bite.

If you’re with a pram, you’ll need to park it outside as the space is barely enough to fit a person with a tray. The wonderful thing is, you can just stand at the door and yell for a staff member to get you what you want. Then flash your octopus card and be on your way again.

Ah yes. They don’t have seating, it’s not a cafe. It’s all for takeaway.



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