Lee Tung Street 利東街 is finally open

For at least two years developer Hopewell Holdings had Lee Tung Street aka Wedding Card Street sealed off for redevelopment. Most newcomers to Wan Chai would never know what that street used to look like nor which way it ran. 

There used to be a road sign indicating the name Lee Tung Street on the corner but that’s long gone now. It is unclear whether Hopewell intends to retain the name or call it simply the Avenue 囍匯 which is the name of the development.   

 Yesterday, the last Sunday of November, the street was finally reopened to public access. Filled with bougainvillea and poinsietta planters, it was a cool quiet relaxing atmosphere filled with people taking photos and having a look around. The shops aren’t open yet but a few had coming soon displayed on the hoardings. 

It’s nice that there is a pedestrian friendly street now in Wan Chai, it would be great if the recently elected district councilwoman would consider pedestrianising the whole of Johnston road on Sunday mornings for residents to enjoy some fume free time.

reminds me of Monaco

Post note: I’ve figured out why the developer has spent money making the street look and smell great… It’s condo key collection time! 

Roses and wildflowers

Now an army of estate agents line the entrance facing Queens Road East, some along the street itself and a few facing Johnston Road. You can barely take a photo without editing out an agent.

Well, it would be nice if the flowers stay even when the agents are gone. Instead of ordering wedding cards here, couples may now use this as wedding photo album street.

Here’s a collage to reiterate that Hopewell should contribute to a great playground at Southorn to have aspiring families move into their development. Clearly the theme is children at play (with pets!!), so I’m looking forward to more family friendly amenities in the area.

statues of children at play



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