Food Trucks in Wan Chai

It was announced in the news that a pilot scheme of food trucks will be launched in Hong Kong to provide more variety in areas that lack food choices. 

 Two food trucks will be permitted to ply their gastronomic wares to the public for two years at each location. One of the locations mentioned is to be at Wan Chai’s Bauhinia Square right next to the Hong Kong Convention Center. Did they decide on the locations because that’s where the tourists were or whether they want more tourists to visit those locations? Right now, the area is full of barriers, cranes and construction noise. It could be political as Bauhinia Square is the site where Hong Kong’s handover to China took place. I suppose it is also the point where Hong Kong island is geographically closest to China…

 No details were given on when the scheme would start but I’m curious what kind of food trucks will win the concessions and whether it’ll be a success. There isn’t much in the way of food choices out there, it’s only the few restaurants in the Convention Center and the Grand Hyatt.

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