Christmas festivities in Queen’s Road East, Hopewell Center, Wan Chai

Now that the temperature has really dropped to about 11 degrees C, it really feels like winter. Puffy jackets, hats and boots are out and it’s not unusual to see children dressed up like the Michelin man, unable to move their arms that stick out like snowmen. 

Hong Kong really does get in the mood for Christmas, there are decorated Christmas trees in every podium, atrium, courtyard and entrance of every large building. Even small shops will be lit up and have a small tree sitting on the counter top. 

Pacific Place, Landmark, IFC have their festive themes of floating trees, little Princes (looks impressive but was not well thought out for children, could have been much better..) and Santa helper bears (this display is excellently executed). Hopewell Center arguably as Wan Chai’s landmark has organized some performances leading up to Christmas. 

Here’s the list:

Note that there are no performances on the 24th. I’m not sure why nothing’s happening on Christmas Eve… Perhaps all the performers are out celebrating. It’s mostly Christmas carolling I suppose. You can also cross over to Lee Tung Avenue where the main events of “dancing Santas” will be happening.

If you’re in town this Christmas, check it out if you’re in the area.

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