Maxim’s new concept store on Hennessy Road

Opposite Southorn Playground on Hennessy Road, the row of shops there are slowly undergoing a makeover. A new HK style tea shop (Cha chaan Teng) has opened with the usual breakfast all day favourites and Maxim’s has launched their new bakery in an uncharacteristic but very striking Royal blue facade. 

The exterior windows are large and very attractive, they did a great job with the lighting and visual presentation. It’s much more spacious and an angle with a cake counter gave the layout a fresh and modern feel.

The pastry section seemed a bit thin on offerings but they carried the key essentials. Croissants, rolls and sliced bread packed in packets of four… Just for that packed lunch. We tried a croissant. HKD 16 each, it wasn’t bad.

The whole cakes looked too good to eat. The selection was decently wide and impressive. Certainly a reliable place to pick up the party cake.

They also had a short drinks menu for takeaway.

All quite reasonably priced.

Look for it near the overpass leaving Wan Chai Station.


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