“Pop It” Hot Dogs in Wan Chai’s Landale Street

On one of Hong Kong’s oldest days in twenty years (7 degrees Celsius), we still needed to walk and find ourselves a decent lunch. 

 The restaurants along Landale Street have been slowly renovating over the last six months. The older clay pot shops and Vietnamese noodle joints have been pushed out and replaced by more fashionable fare. 

One of these is Pop It. Concrete slate grey exterior with matte powdered black window frames, it’s hard to tell what it’s selling without checking out the menu. Fortunately they had the good sense to display a menu by the doorway so that all passers by can peruse it without having to peer in at the menu hanging on the inside wall. 

We went at 11.30am, there were no other customers yet. The interior was large and well laid out. High tables with high stools on one side and a table of normal height nearer the door. 

One of the guys in a black cap and heavy American accent greeted us warmly and invited us to sit wherever we liked. The small person chose the table furthest from the door… Less of a draught… I agreed. 

“Anything to drink?” He inquired. 

“A bit cold today for sodas or milkshakes” I said, gesturing at the menu.

“How about some hot water?”

What thoughtfulness and service. I liked him already. 

I ordered a naked dog for the small person and a New Yorker without the 2 types of mustard for myself.

A DIY kind of place, they filled their ledges with the widest variety of chilli sauces I’ve ever seen. It was very impressive. 

The set comes with a hot dog and fries, you can also add a soda if you want it as a combo. 

While we were there, the tables did fill up a bit. A group of young British and American men in suits came in for lunch, as did two very trendily dressed local guys. Then a fairly hip chinese couple wandered in after looking at the menu outside. 

The verdict? Hot dog buns were nicely buttered but the sausages were a bit on the small side. Fries were good but I ate half of the small persons so that means ordering just one set might leave you hungry quite soon after.

My sauerkraut was good, I liked it on the dry side so that it doesn’t soak through the bun. 

There was space for my stroller and enough corridor for the small person to wander around post meal.


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