Update on Maureen’s noodle shop

The small person wanted noodles two days ago, so we headed straight to Maureen’s. 

Sliding open the glass door, I saw Maureen and crew busy behind the counter. 

“What’ll you be having today?” Maureen asked breezily.

“I was thinking salmon today” I replied. 

Maureen came over with a suggestion. “Would you like to try something different?” 

Like what?

She described an individually slow cooked crock pot rice that she thought would go well with salmon, slow cooked and usually prepared for dinner. However as we were early and it was a cold, slow day, she thought it would be nice to offer guests who were opting for the salmon. 

Of course we were happy to try it.


slow cooked rice in claypot
The entire set was the same with the exception of the rice. It came plain, topped with an egg and a lacing of spring onion. 

Maureen was concerned whether small person would enjoy it. She needn’t have worried as she ate half the bowl of rice. I had all the crispy bits at the bottom which was quite satisfying. 

Overall it was a good combination with the salmon but I have to say that the texture of the noodles is more addictive than the rice. It is nice to have the option though, and to try something new. 

Thanks Maureen!


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