Chinese New Year decorations at Lee Tung Avenue

The renovation of shops on Lee Tung Avenue continue beneath the surface. Below the pedestrianised street, the much narrower shopping strip is rushing for completion. Accessible either by escalators or the lifts in the middle of the development, the basement seems cramped compared to the shops in street level. The low ceilings were a sharp contrast to all the glamorous lobbies you see on the ground floor. I suppose this is where the developer thought they could cut costs. 

A signboard has been put up by the escalators detailing the layout and listing the retail and F&B leases.

The Avenue has dressed up for Chinese New Year with lots of red lanterns and cherry blossom trees lining strategic parts of the street. 

There are some special events on, chinese tea appreciation in the event venue, free popcorn and cotton candy carts placed at different ends of the street.

 This could be to draw people to view the shops, or to please the various viewers who came to visit the apartments for sale. 

There’s also free red packets if you spend over 300 HKD, although I’m not sure if this is really that attractive as an incentive to purchase anything.


CNY events happening at Lee Tung Avenue
 Finally there’s still plenty of construction workers rolling heavy carts around with rough equipment. Do be mindful getting in and out of lifts and not to let them run into you while you’re admiring the decorations.


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