Another Wan Chai casualty… Sugarcane juice and five flower tea shop lost to Sheung Wan

A few weeks ago, I showed a friend around Wan Chai. I made a point of gesturing across the street towards my favourite sugar cane juice and herbal tea hangout. After we said our goodbyes and parted at the MTR station, the small person requested for her favourite five flower tea.

Imagine our disappointment when we found the place torn up and undergoing extensive renovation!

Small person couldn’t understand it and kept insisting that she wanted her tea. We hung around almost in disbelief. Finally a guy came out and pointed some signs which were pasted on the pillars beside the shutters.

 “The shop has moved to Hollywood Road No.60.” He said. “But if your order is over 100HKD, they’ll deliver”.

That’s quite a lot of drinks I’d have to be ordering to make it worthwhile.. Such a pity these excellent little shops are being evicted for higher rent when they’ve plied their business here for years.


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