Pillows, Bolsters, Quilts and Ready made or Custom Linens and Sheets. All in Wan Chai

Wan Chai
is a treasure trove of little shops and I patronise many of these in the hope that they don’t leave. 

Pillows for children
Bolsters, quilts, padding and cushions

One of these shops sells linens made-to-measure, pillows, mattresses, quilts, bolsters and all sorts of cushions for any sort of surface you could want to soften.

I’ve purchased various items from them. A small kid’s pillow with a Thomas Tank engine pillow case, custom made sheets and pillow cases, most recently a bolster with two cases.

The sheets and pillow cases can be made in a few days, (usually a minimum of three) and pillows and bolsters can be bought on the spot. 

Flowers and all manners of patterned sheets
100% cotton colored sheet material for custom sizes

Choose from plain sheets or multi-coloured patterned sheets. As long as they have the material it can be done.

Fitted sheets in single, queen and king size. Priced less than 200 HKD for Singles, 308 HKD and 358 HKD for Queen and King fitted sheets respectively. 

Simple mattresses can be found towards the back. If you need a mattress for the kids or a basic one for a helper, you can get one inexpensively here.

The shop has a small loft area where their tailor comes to see the custom orders. The tailor usually comes in the afternoons.

The materials for upholstering are plenty, 

Need mats for picnics or balconies?

Rattan mats for picnics

They also sell stuffing inexpensively, if you need to re-stuff some cushions or pillows.
Find this shop along Johnston Road after Tai Yau Plaza, it’s right by the tram stop after Wan Chai market towards Causeway Bay.
Map of linen shop in Wan Chai


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