A fulfilling dinner at Sang Kee Seafood Restaurant

Last Sunday I had a craving for sweet and sour pork. My shortlist had two restaurants on it and Michelin recommended Sang Kee 生記 was one of them. 

After our Black Link’s evening walk, we were starving. Luckily the small person had her bolognaise pasta along the way and was suitably relaxed about dinner. 

We turned up at 8pm at Sang Kee. It’s tucked away on the first floor of a building on Hennessy road directly opposite Southorn playground. The lady boss at reception pointed at the queue of people standing in the hallway and said extremely loudly that if I had no reservation, there was no way I was getting a table. Ok, noted for next time. (Call them at +852 2575 2239). Open for lunch and dinner.

So for this Sunday, I dropped by on Saturday lunchtime and made a booking for Sunday dinner. They informed me that there were two seatings, one at 6pm then another at 8pm. I took the 6pm slot.

They seated us on the 2nd floor (restaurant is on 1st & 2nd floor), accessible by lift from the ground floor. It is barrier free and families are made welcome at this restaurant. Many families were dining here on a Sunday night. 

After perusing the menu and noting the recommended dishes, I glanced at the neighbouring table and observed that they had ordered exactly what I wanted. So waving the waiter over, I asked him to make our order the same as theirs. He was a big guy and gave a hearty laugh. Then he recommended that we try the signature prawn dish. Why not I said. (I am unfortunately allergic to prawns, crabs and shellfish) but I had 3 others to do the taste test for me. 

So despite the extensive menu, we went for the hot favourites. Here goes..!


First up, the sweet and sour pork. Not bad but I wish they’d included more vegetables and de-boned all the meat. 

Then the pork liver arrived. Tender and delicious, the Kau Kei leaves were an excellent complement and the broth was rich and tasty.

Next was the salt baked chicken. I forgot to take a photo of this. It was so tender and delicious we ate it up in a matter of minutes. Note that my toddler loved this dish. 

Then the next two seafood dishes arrived. I can only tell you that everyone else approved.

We were kept waiting for a while then I checked if our lotus patties were on the way. Magically they sailed over to our table just as I was asking the waiter.

Finally, the fish porridge. I had ordered 3 portions to be divided up into 5 bowls. The bowls were on the bigger side, could’ve made do with two portions. But it was flavourful and the Yu char Kway was just what I needed to rate this dish 5 stars. It did not disappoint.

Oh let’s not forget drinks and dessert.

The steamed rice cake was yummy, I miss these from Bengawan solo. This was placed on our table just as our protein dishes came to an end.


It has the old school feel to it, chairs with cracked vinyl surfaces, recessed ceilings for air conditioning or perhaps chandeliers previously, exposed ducting, tinted windows. 

We liked this place as much as we like Fu Shing Seafood. The bill came up to HKD 1480 which was a little more that what we expected but the dishes were well prepared and the waiters weren’t too pushy.

Yes, we’ll definitely be back again! Here’s a review that mirrors my experience. 

As we were leaving the restaurant, one of the waiters shoved a leaflet in my hand. What’s this? I asked. Our boss has opened a new restaurant he said. Bring this leaflet and get a discount. 

Hmm interesting. It’s called Otto, with an all western style menu. I guess the boss’s kids felt it was time to diversify. The lunch set is priced reasonably, might give it a try one of these days.


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