A Fire! at a new building along Queens Road East near Happy Valley

Last Sunday afternoon, I spied plumes of black smoke being emitted from a building down the road. It was the construction of a new hotel, and unclear which floor the fire was on. 

A quick call to 999 confirmed that they were already alerted and had sent ambulances and notified the fire department.

Three ambulances were waiting at the Tang Shiu Kin hospital across the road but I didn’t see anyone bring stretchered across. Hopefully no one was working as it was Sunday. 

It’s been very very hot in Hong Kong and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the cause was some flammable turpentine that got super heated and set nearby items on fire. 

Filming at Fu Wing Fruit Stall

Last Wednesday, we walked by our favourite Fu Wing Fruit stall right by Wan Chai market and spotted a huge film crew hard at work.
Four actors in suits and green ties were repeatedly performing a scene where they would march in front of the fruit stall, abruptly but simultaneously stop and all four would bow down to look at the fruits. 

It was a pretty funny scene.

Small person asked where “Yi-Yi” and “Suk-Suk” went. We spotted them across the road watching the scene with everyone else. 

Apparently it was for a movie, not an ad. But the stall owners weren’t able to tell me exactly what movie it was supposed to be. When we took a few photos, a manager type looking lady came over to tell us that we couldn’t. All that secrecy.

I don’t think suk suk was too thrilled. He was having a smoke by the side and looked bored that they were putting him out of business til 3pm.

Wan Chai’s City Tree installed outside Hopewell Center

The first City Tree has been installed in Wanchai. Hooray! BUT, it’s very small. Much, much smaller than I expected. 

I can’t imagine it truly doing much more than a real tree planted in its place would do. 

It consists of 4 panels on each side, each about 5 feet high and roughly the same in width. The design incorporates two small benches on either side. 

I was expecting something much more space age in design, grander, more impressive. Well, initial space limitations and other practical considerations probably get in the way. 

We saw them installing this last week and until today’s the “green” part of the tree is still covered in a green netting. 

The Tesla showroom also opened this week, it’s no coincidence that a more environmentally friendly tack is being taken in the area. The queues to enter the Tesla showroom are very encouraging, everyone wants to see the chassis and sit in the most modern vehicle presently on the planet.