Wan Chai’s City Tree installed outside Hopewell Center

The first City Tree has been installed in Wanchai. Hooray! BUT, it’s very small. Much, much smaller than I expected. 

I can’t imagine it truly doing much more than a real tree planted in its place would do. 

It consists of 4 panels on each side, each about 5 feet high and roughly the same in width. The design incorporates two small benches on either side. 

I was expecting something much more space age in design, grander, more impressive. Well, initial space limitations and other practical considerations probably get in the way. 

We saw them installing this last week and until today’s the “green” part of the tree is still covered in a green netting. 

The Tesla showroom also opened this week, it’s no coincidence that a more environmentally friendly tack is being taken in the area. The queues to enter the Tesla showroom are very encouraging, everyone wants to see the chassis and sit in the most modern vehicle presently on the planet. 


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