Filming at Fu Wing Fruit Stall

Last Wednesday, we walked by our favourite Fu Wing Fruit stall right by Wan Chai market and spotted a huge film crew hard at work.
Four actors in suits and green ties were repeatedly performing a scene where they would march in front of the fruit stall, abruptly but simultaneously stop and all four would bow down to look at the fruits. 

It was a pretty funny scene.

Small person asked where “Yi-Yi” and “Suk-Suk” went. We spotted them across the road watching the scene with everyone else. 

Apparently it was for a movie, not an ad. But the stall owners weren’t able to tell me exactly what movie it was supposed to be. When we took a few photos, a manager type looking lady came over to tell us that we couldn’t. All that secrecy.

I don’t think suk suk was too thrilled. He was having a smoke by the side and looked bored that they were putting him out of business til 3pm.


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