“Ipoh” 怡寶 Malaysian Style Food in Wan Chai

We’ve been to this 怡寶 joint in Wan Chai several times and it hasn’t let us down yet. It’s pretty decent value for money, the service is attentive and so far, we’ve had no problem getting a table at dinner time on weekends. 

Our favourites are quite consistent, give us a good chicken rice and a decent bak kut teh and there will be no complaints.

Malaysian style chicken rice
Bak Kut Teh set (pork bone tea)

It’s situated next to the bed sheets and linens store I’ve mentioned before. The now under renovation Takan Lodge used to house the Thai chicken rice joint, in front of which taxi drivers used to hang out during their change of shift. So that’s one less competitor (although I’ve heard it was never any good) and it’ll be interesting to see what transformation takes place at Takan Lodge.

Here are some pictures of the restaurant

simple interiors
theres almost always a very talkative Malaysian seated beside us
You can pay by cash or Octopus card

Here is the menu with a fairly extensive selection of Malaysian famous food.

Ipoh kuey teow
noodles and curries
snacks and drinks
dinner sets and specials ( not very Malaysian)

At the exit, there’s a small display counter for drinks and where they put food merchandise up for sale. In this case, egg rolls from Malaysia.

egg rolls, usually eaten at chinese new year but good anytime I suppose…

If you need a chicken rice or bak kut teh fix, here’s where to find it.

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