Living at the Avenue (Lee Tung Street)

You only have to look through the number of entries I’ve written about the Avenue to know how much of a fan I am of the remodelled street (you can find those posts by searching for Lee Tung Avenue in the search box above). I patronise the shops and often prefer walking through it over the other more chaotic side streets in Wan Chai

It’s also a perfect example of how short streets can be pedestrianised to make a neighbourhood much more liveable for families with young children. 

I caught up with a friend who lives in the Avenue and was asking how it was in the newest residential complex in Wanchai. He had mixed feelings about the management of the estate. The issues that he raised were as follow:
1) slow and insufficient lifts for the number of units in each block. Having to wait for two lifts to go by is similar to waiting for two MTR trains to go by before you board. It’s tiring (and boring) standing around in anticipation, especially in an enclosed lift lobby area. 

2) inefficient clearance of rubbish bins. Apparently the bins are often filled to overflowing, causing a bit of a stink after a few days at room temperature. Perhaps the staff assume that not all floors are occupied and skip certain floors…

3) receptionist unable to accept packages. This is usually expected of building reception, especially these days where many people live without extended family (mostly studios and one bedrooms on offer- designed for singles or couples).  It’s very strange that reception can’t or won’t assist with receiving parcels from the postman or simple deliveries if instructed by the resident. 

4) residents need to take two lifts to get to the ground floor of their building. This is the case with many estates in Hong Kong where one has to ascend from mall level up to the podium, then podium up to the apartment. This is just an unfortunate design decision and it’s too bad that the architect didn’t incorporate an escalator or some more rapid and efficient way of accessing the main lobby of the apartments. 

Benefit: If you live on a high-ish floor as my friend does, what you do get is a fantastic view over Wan Chai and marvellous sunsets if you get home early.

Ophelia Bar designer Ashley Sutton expressed this opinion of the Avenue in the SCMP…not the most flattering comment…


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