The Economist – Taco Stall

What does a premier financial magazine, the Economist have to do with Taco? 

Not much except that it’s what they think will draw the crowds at lunchtime. The red signs really do stand out. This promotion was taking place between Wu Chung House and Hopewell Center

The last time I saw their cart was by the open area next to Burger King, now pseudo Italian leather sofa store Kelvin Giormani near PP3. They were offering ice cream in the height of summer.

Helmed mostly by young ladies touting iPads to get anyone in a suit to take up a subscription. This must be part of their digital media strategy.

Digital subscriptions aren’t exorbitant initially but once they have you on auto-renew you’re probably forever in their clutches. It looks to me that getting an annual digital subscription costs hkd 2250.

At the promo sign up teaser rate for the first 3 months at $300, it’s like buying Tacos for two.


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