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Giant Bicycle shop (aka the Bicycle World, but Giant clearly has marketing monopoly here) has the rudest staff but the best collection of bikes and scooters in Wan Chai. Be prepared that if you walk into that shop speaking only English, you’re generally going to get ignored. If you’re going in to get advice on what to buy, be prepared to be given the advice in a somewhat insulting manner.

I’ve been to this shop at least ten times to  assist friends acquire various items and accessories but the service has never improved. Some of the guys in there are a tad more genial but it isn’t at all often that you get a smile. There was once I went in to buy a kid’s helmet for a friend and a gweilo (Caucasian) guy was leaving in a huff, swearing and cursing saying “don’t treat me like that just because I’m a foreigner”. I almost stopped him to tell him that they treat everyone like that. Those guys are in need of endorphins, or maybe happier girlfriends. Or maybe a pay raise.

Notwithstanding the stinking attitude, the shop does carry high quality bikes, scooters and accessories at competitive prices. The helmets and scooters are at least 20% cheaper than toys ‘R’ us and you get 10% off if you pay in cash.

We were there to pick up a micro scooter for a friend’s daughter. Her Christmas present. It was a Sunday and we stood outside at 11.30am. It wasn’t open.

Okay, so another half an hour. Off to the swings round the corner. We came back at 11.50am. Nope. Still shut.

At 11.55am, one of the guys showed up, unlocked the shutters and lifted them just high enough for him to slip in and lower them down again. At 12.08, another guy showed up and that’s when they lifted the shutters entirely. The first guy brought out two incense sticks as a prayer offering to the small shrine on the outside of the shop, usually to appease dwelling spirits and pray for lots of customers.

The shop has a range of children’s bicycles and adult bicycles.

But we were there for the scooters.

Here they sell the “Micro” brand of  scooters. Designed in Switzerland, price ranges from HKD 700+ to 900+ per scooter for kids. Adult scooters go for HKD 2000+.

Don’t forget to buy a helmet for your kid. They have various sizes, measure your kid’s head before heading over. Helmets go for HKD 400+ depending on the size and design. The ones with the cartoon characters are a bit cheaper but they only fit one year olds.

Find them at 15 Wood Road, Wan Chai. About a 15 minute walk from Wan Chai MTR, already accounting for the time you need to weave in and out of human traffic on narrow pavements, unless you go on Sunday.

Latest update as of 27 July 2018


13 thoughts on “Bicycle & Scooter shop – The Bicycle World ”

  1. I think whoever wrote this article has misunderstood about the ownership of Micro. Where did you get the idea that it is a HK company? As far as I know it’s a Swiss brand and the HK company is their distributor!!!


      1. Ok, thank you for letting me know. This information was told to me by a friend who seemed to be familiar with scooters.. so I thought that it was probably a hk shareholder involved. The post was not meant to cause offence to Micro, it has been edited.


      2. I told her about your mistaken comment in your article and asked her to post something directly which I believe she has done so you should contact her directly if you want more info but it isn’t right to state things which are not true!!!! I’m sure if ure interested my sister can arrange a visit for you directly to their Swiss HQ!!!


      3. Thank you for reading my blog! And visiting their HQ would be a wonderful trip that I’d be happy to write another post about. Let me know if she’d be interested to sponsor a trip in exchange for a promo piece. Best regards, S1.


    1. Thank you Lynly for visiting my blog and your comment. The post was not intended to cause any offense to Micro. In fact our family are huge fans and have purchased 4 scooters for ourselves and several for other friends kids as gifts. I was told this by a friend who seemed to know a lot about scooters and thought perhaps there was a hk shareholder involved as the company had been through tough times.
      Anyway, next time Mr Wim is in town, I’d be happy to write a post on my blog about him if you can set it up.
      The post has been edited and I recommend everyone on FB mothers groups to buy only micro.
      Best regards, S1.


      1. Not sure what the issue is even if a HK shareholder was involved as HK shareholders are involved in many leading brands and I don’t see that as necessarily being a negative!???


      2. I didn’t indicate it was a negative. I own 4 micro scooters for my own kids! Is there a HK shareholder in the micro company?


  2. No HK shareholder as far as I know… although I’m not sure of the relevance. For example LVMH is a listed company so I’m sure they will hv some shareholders from HK, but does that make hem a non European company?


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