International English newspapers sold here

If you’re staying in Wan Chai and haven’t got a digital subscription to the newspapers or just prefer to read the broadsheet like my dad, you might think that you need to head to Central for that. The neighbourhood seven elevens (7-11) carry the South China Morning Post. 

Most newsagents on the street don’t carry the broadsheets, usually it’s a mixture of local chinese tabloids, magazines and some soft porn. 

The newsagent to head to for the English language broadsheets is a rather non-descript newsstand tucked away on the 2nd floor of Hopewell Center next to the HSBC. They sell most of the broadsheets, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, New York Times etc. It’s called Ngai Shing

This newsstand also sells the tabloids and has shelves full of disorganised magazines. It is also discreet enough for you to purchase any material that you’d rather not be seen with in broad daylight, plus you won’t get it wet in the rain as you head up one floor to Starbucks for your coffee. 

Update: these newsstands may soon be a thing of the past… check out this article below.

Newspaper hawker licences dry up as Hong Kong changes its habits, government says


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