Elephant Grounds Cafe, Wing Fung Street

My neighbour E moved to Hong Kong six months ago. We went on a nice tour of the market together and decided to catch up for coffee again a few days later. She wanted to know where she could purchase a knife sharpener and I said I would take her. 

We went to King Tak Hong for the knife sharpener (they have a fancy new knife cabinet on the second floor) and I bought 4 stainless steel ladles for my mother. 

It was a beautiful day and I suggested we head over to Star Street and have a drink at Elephant Grounds Cafe. I had been meaning to go try it for the longest time. It was supposed to be open by the time Art Basel came round earlier in the year but was delayed.

I’ve been there” E said endorsing my choice, “the coffee is excellent.”

We took our seats at the bar counter and I parked my pram on the ledge. I noticed that there was a bowl of water for people who bring their pooches, but there weren’t any dogs around so I assumed it’d be ok.

The menu is whimsically designed both in terms of looks and the actual items for consumption. 

Here’s the first menu I saw.

Well, it’s the first time I’ve seen any cafe do a list of hot chocolates. Usually it’s just one type of hot chocolate, take it or leave it.

The breakfast menu is reasonably varied, something for every tastebud.

And here’s the drinks list.

Not bad eh. 

I had to see the breakfast selection at the front counter. 

Mmm… yum. A few sweet choices and croissants. I decided to have a hot chocolate and a simple butter croissant.

I have to say it was delicious. The croissant was light and fluffy with just the right amount of crisp. The hot chocolate was the right temperature and not too sweet. 

E had a coffee and a hot chocolate. From where we were sitting, we had a great view of how the coffee is lovingly and patiently brewed.

E told me that her coffee was delicious. It must’ve been because she finished it off well before I was done with my hot chocolate. Unless it was just me talking too much 😉

Find them here:

Map to Elephant Grounds Cafe

If you need to bake that cake, head over to Baking Story on Wan Chai Road

Update July 2017: Sadly, this shop has shut down… please visit I❤️Cake on Wanchai Road for all your quality baking needs.


No, you don’t have to go all the way to Kowloon to buy baking stuff. 

In Wan Chai there are two very good baking accessories and “raw materials” shops. There’s I❤️Cake along Wan Chai road near Heard Street and there’s Baking Story on Wan Chai road near the market. 

Both have shelves stacked to the maximum with baking goods. Flour, check. Dried fruit, check. Cake and muffin molds, check. Jelly molds, check. Decorating accessories and sugar in every possible colour and consistency (fondant, icing, paint etc), check. Cake boxes, cards and stickers, check. Cream cheese and whipping cream, butter by the stick, check. Let’s not forget the chocolate. Valhrona 70% dark, check.

The difference I’ve noticed is that I❤️Cake sells equipment like tabletop mixers and different kinds of scales. They also do multi-level came display trays if you’re looking to get very creative with your cupcakes. Baking Story is a little more civilised, there aren’t things piled high in each aisle. In I❤️Cake, you’re perpetually at risk of tipping something over. Furthermore, I❤️Cake does have 2 steps to get up into the shop which is a bummer with a pram/ stroller. And there’s barely any place to park it inside. Baking Story however, has a lift lobby area and is accessible with wheels. That helps. A lot!

So it depends on what you’re after. Now I’ll post the photos so you can see what I mean.

I bought cranberries and white chocolate balls today from Baking Story to make some lactation biscuits for a friend. Here they are placed nicely in a box I bought from Baking Story as well.

Pretty pink biscuit and pastry box
White chocolate cranberry lactation biscuits

Prices are reasonable and you can pay by Octopus. Yay! 

They’re open 7 days a week.

Find them here:

Kang Kee Fresh noodle shop in Wan Chai market

My friend JC lives in Kowloon but I have since convinced her to do her dinner grocery shopping in Wan Chai. Usually on Mondays and Thursdays when we meet, she’ll come with me through the market to pick up her vegetables, meat and some condiments for dinner.

On Monday, she asked me where she could buy good freshly made skins for dumplings. 

“Ah”, I said. “You can get them from Kang Kee.”

JC said she didn’t know where it was but could I take her next time? JC, this post is for you.

Kang Kee is a fresh noodle institution. 

Every morning, trucks with heavy sacks of flour show up, guys load them onto their backs to carry it into the store. In the back of the store, machines get going and a fine layer of flour dust covers the entire shop and surrounding floor area. 

They make all the popular shapes of fresh noodles. Flat ones, Fat ones, skinny ones, white ones, yellow ones, mouse tail ones. They also sell Chee Cheung fun if you’re inclined to eat it at home instead of at a dim sum restaurant. You can also get the dried noodles in fancy flavours, crab, abalone, scallop etc.

There’s also the variety in skins. Square ones, round ones, big ones, small ones, you can pretty much wrap whatever morsels in these. The great thing is that the fresh noodles are smooth and do not require preservative. The dumpling and spring roll skins also made fresh lack the distinctive chemical taste that I find in frozen supermarket versions.

I usually buy spring roll skin and popiah skin from here. It’s freshly made and you’ll need to get there before two if you need it in quantity. It sells out pretty fast. Alternatively place your order the day before.

Everything is sold by weight except the dried noodles which have already been pre-weighed and sell by the piece. 

You can also pick up manufactured packets of pasta, vermicelli and various sauces here. 

I’ll be taking JC there personally but you contact me for a tour of the wan chai market or find Kang Kee here: