Watch repair and battery replacement in Wan Chai

If you haven’t switched over to wearing an apple iwatch and enjoy wearing a quartz watch, it must be annoying when the mechanism stops ticking. Uurgh. What time is it? You could continually check your phone as I do, but it does require taking the phone out and getting distracted by everything on the screen rather than a mere flick of the wrist.

My friend NDS was in Hong Kong visiting just after the new year and was asking where she could get her watch battery changed. Yes, she could get it done in London but it would cost her multiples more and she wasn’t sure why the battery died frequently.. she suspected that she wasn’t getting fresh batteries put in.

Well here in Wan Chai, you can watch the “Sifu” fix your watch and insert new batteries. He works with simple tools and a basic desk. None of that fancy screens and taking the watch to the back room where they tinker out of sight. And you get it back on the spot, as long as you care to wait.

At lunchtime there was a steady queue of people waiting to get their watches sorted. It must be the Chinese New Year rush where everyone wants to start the year off with fresh batteries and a functioning watch. A bit of spring cleaning drags everything out of the closet for a tune up.

Find the Sifu at a little corner in the Technology Digital shop. It’s across the road from the A3 Johnston Road exit.

If this guy can’t sort your watch out, look for this watch battery Sifu in the Wan Chai market instead.

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