Restaurants closed that never opened 

There are two shop lots which have been empty for the last 3 years, underwent renovation a year ago but never opened. 

One is situated on the corner of Queens Road East and Stone Nullah Lane, which sports some sort of chicken emblem. Presumably something to do with chickens. Maybe the owners thought it auspicious to launch a chicken themed shop in the year of the rooster. Not.

It was full of busy contractors mid-way through last year and underwent significant renovation. There were red notes posted on the shutters indicating that the owners were selecting a date for launch but no actual announcement of the date. The shutters have remained firmly down with no one going in or out.

The other shop lot is located on the corner of Queens Road East and McGregor Street.

In this case, the restaurant was all ready for launch. Named Soul Food Veggies with big signs proclaiming “we are how we eat” it was an interesting concept that failed before it truly started. There were a few meetings and discussions that took place, some photo shoots and what appeared to be a launch event….. then everything went quiet. The lights went off, the table settings cleared and a sign appeared saying that the shop was once again undergoing renovation. 

The signboards have begun rusting and the furniture inside has been replaced with storage boxes.

The kitchen and display area appears to be in complete disarray.

It’s really too bad because it looked like the staff had undergone some training and the kitchen was already in place. The concept of a nice vegetarian restaurant in the vicinity of OVO and Isoya would provide a classy and exciting addition to vegetarian choices in the neighbourhood of Wan Chai

So why did these two places fail to launch? 

Without speaking to anyone who owns these businesses, I can’t say if it’s partner strife or funding issues, or permit issues, perhaps all three. If you believe in chinese feng shui though, you’ll probably attribute much of the inevitability to this.  I’m no feng shui expert but take a look.

Chinese business people generally aren’t into sharp corners for spaces. Sharp edges reflect “cutting” or “wedge” in relationships or business. It’s a big no-no. This shoplot has a sharp wedge right above its entranceway, quite inauspicious.

Check out the next one.

Again, another angled wedge above the shop lot. Take a look at it from the front.

Here you can see that there are three angles above this shop, giving it a jagged overhead appearance.

Not everyone believes in feng shui but many Cantonese people do when selecting a place of business. 

I wonder if the two restaurants are associated somehow and the same owner went bust? All speculation here.


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