The end of the coffee shop “Coffee Shop”

It really is tough for the stand alone entrepreneur these days. Without a large group of restaurants and economies of scale from design, concept to cost control on the F&B items, most don’t stand a chance. Couple that with the rental extortion and it’ll deter you from ever owning your own retail outlet.

A small coffee shop opened up on Queens Road East last year taking the place previously occupied by a bakery. Named “Coffee Shop“, it was not an exciting addition. The signage was simple and within, a large wall mural reminiscent of the Keith Haring style paintings of a naked man seemingly running among exploding stars. The coffee machine looked high end and expensive, the staff behind the counter looked a bit bored. The space between the counter and the door felt a bit empty.

There were no tables or seating areas provided. I suppose the owners subscribed to the concept of grab and go, hoping that clients would pop in for a drink in one hand and a croissant in the other to scurry to their workplace. I walked past this little coffee shop many times and never saw anyone in it.

Coffee shop closes down

Is it a surprise that it’s shut down? I guess it’s more amazing that they lasted as long as they did.

Here’s their apology note to suppliers and clients alike.

Coffee shop closure apology

Let’s see what replaces it and when.


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