Could Wanchai have a beach?

Imagine this – a wonderful article from an urban landscape planning firm– about the development of Wanchai waterfront area to potentially include a green tower and a beach.

“Green tower” left, beach with clean water by 10design

It wouldn’t be a very large beach, probably less than 100 meters length but having a beach with clean water in one of the busiest harbours in the world would be a marvellous sight to see.

This is what it looks like through my lens with some super imposition. The beach and building would be taking the Fenwick Pier site in front of the HKAPA.

The architect’s office is directly behind the proposed site. Perhaps they are sick of looking at the massive construction site and trying hard to envisage a “park” which isn’t a token concrete pavement with some spindly trees alongside.

View of waterfront, Central to Wanchai

Of course it’ll never get built. It’ll be too expensive to maintain those filters, run over budget and infuriate the local cartel of property developers.

Map of Wanchai waterfront

But a beach in Wanchai? That’s just such an awesome idea. Zouk out would finally have a proper location to throw their beach foam party. Families would be able to have play dates in Central. Lovers could congregate and picnic under the stars after a romantic ride on the star ferry. Convention goers would have a proper place for R&R…

Wanchai pros and cons

Drinking venues, Night clubs & Performing Arts ✅

Cool coffee shops & restaurants ✅

Convention Center ✅

MTR station ✅

Trams ✅

Bus stops to all parts of HK ✅

Hardware & Stationery shops ✅

Supermarkets & Street markets ✅

Historic conserved sites ✅

Beach ❌

Clean Air ❌

Low noise & light pollution ❌

Peace & Quiet 🔊⁉️

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