Wan Chai’s largest outdoor event space 

… is Southorn Playground. 

When I first heard of Southorn Playground, my initial thoughts were of an actual playground with green flora interspersed with fountains and footpaths. In reality, it’s a football court and two basketball courts adjacent to each other with bleachers on one side of it. It is lacking in true flora (there are a few trees and planter boxes), there isn’t much space for that. So it’s not somewhere you would go for “fresh air”.

However, it is a big community space and members of the public are welcome to walk through it (to avoid the rubbish collection area on Luard) to get to Johnston Road, or sit on the bleachers for lunch. You could try and find a space along the perimeter of the courts but you’ll find yourself competing with the elderly and infirm hanging out with their caregivers.

When there isn’t a game of footie or basketball going on, the space is used for community events. 

Table plan for Chaoren association dinner

The event taking over Southorn Playground tonight is the Chaoren Association of Hong Kong. Looks like a lot of Hong Kong’s Chiu Chow people will be gathering in one place. At least 3000 of them anyway, according to the seating chart.

Tables all set at Southorn Playground

Well, it’s nice and cool weather, great to be outdoors. I’m impressed at how they are going to cater for that many people… unless it’s packed food handed out at the entrance.


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