It’s a Pokemon Friday in Wan Chai

The Pokemon monsters seem to appear in the evenings between 5.30-6.15pm coinciding nicely with after work rush hour. The monster catchers line up patiently and quietly, all obsessed with their phones. This was the case again on Friday evening outside the old Wanchai post office and the Indigo Hotel. For some reason the Pokemon like to congregate there. 

Old wanchai post office has never been more popular
Indigo Hotel Pokemon monster catchers

The crowd want as large as the last post, but these were clearly ardent fans.

The most ridiculous thing was that there were also players in cars. They parked illegally on double yellow lines and the drivers were oblivious to the police who stood there giving them a few minutes to leave (but they didn’t) then proceeding to issue them a ticket. Inside, I could see the drivers frantically playing the game on their phone. Is a Pokemon monster really worth a street parking ticket? 

An illegal parking ticket is no deterrent for this Pokemon fan

It wasn’t just one car but several so the police had a reasonable job to do. Maybe they should just follow the Pokemon trail because wherever they appear, traffic guidance is definitely required.