Church bells that actually play a tune

The Methodist International Church on the corner of Queens Road East and Kennedy Road has just about finished construction.

The 24 church bells fixed on the front facade aren’t purely decorative but can be programmed to play a tune. The church has set it to play a tune to signal the start of each hour, but it’s running 2 minutes late. Maybe this is to give the congregants another two minutes to rush in and find a seat? 🤔 (update 22/8/2018: they’ve fixed it so that it now chimes on the hour)

It’s a rather modern austere design, all steely with black window frames. At first glance you might think it was a new commercial building or hotel/serviced apartment, then you get nearer and you’ll see the cross, a cut out symbol from the grey cladding. You’d have to look for the church name to find it, the font is smaller than the road sign in front of it.

It’s a very practical use of space, maximising the plot with a full on blockish design but with a leaning edge to it. The ground level is a driveway which, when lit up looks quite spectacular and inviting.

The roof has a nice hall, presumably that’s where some worship happens.

If you want to listen to the bells do their thing, get yourself nearby at two minutes past the hour, or on Sundays. (Update: it’s now been adjusted to chime on the hour).

I’m hoping that the church will have some community spaces like a nice playroom for kids for these hot and rainy days.