Public Maternal and Child Health Clinic (MCHC) in Wan Chai

Information for mothers and others!

The Maternal and Child Health Clinic in Wan Chai is a small boxy blue building that sits unassumingly in a cluster on Morrison Hill. The building is named Tang Chi Ngong (after the late David Tang’s great grandfather) and features his brass bust in the entranceway from Queens Road East.

There are 2 entrances to the building, both are barrier free and great for strollers or wheelchairs. The ground floor entrance let’s you in via the circular road that is Morrison Hill, while the 2nd floor let’s you out onto the pavement along Queens Road East opposite the Sikh Temple.

What facilities can you expect here?

This is the district clinic for antenatal, postnatal check up for mothers. It is also the neonatal and paediatric clinic where babies and kids come to get their check up and shots according to the government schedule.

If you need to weigh your baby, they have a baby scale in room 4 on the 4th floor. The nurses initially kicked up a fuss when I wanted to use it without supervision (it’s not baby checkup day, you don’t have an appointment etc etc) but relented with my persistence. Then I saw this sign.

It clearly states that “Parents can use the “self help” balance in room 4 to weigh the babies.”

So don’t be put off by the nurses gruff attitude if you need to check your baby’s weight.

On the higher floors, there are social hygiene clinics for men and women. I think this is where people go to get screened and obtain their medication of sexually transmitted diseases.

The family planning clinic is also here, it’s a walk in clinic and as long as you have a valid HKID card, you get family planning advice and birth control at virtually no cost. They ask you to pay 1 HKD to register, and there are charges for certain tests and drugs depending on what it is (eg a cervical smear costs 100 HKD, less than a tenth of what private practice would charge).

The clinics are clean, bright and relatively spacious. I admit to being impressed with the layout and efficient use of space and nursing / doctor’s service. They have a no photo policy so I’m not able to show you what it looks like. But if you have a hkid card, you’re eligible for government health care and you can call to make an appointment if you want to.