Wan Chai carries on as usual

Apart from the protest sites during the specified protest times, the practical nature of Hong Kong people never fails and life goes on as usual.

Certainly in the lifts, trains and buses, you will see most individuals glued to their phones… perhaps checking for the latest updates on the chief executives announcements or the reports of injuries endured by the police and protesters alike. But being glued to the phone is not unusual, and it’s just as likely that a favourite movie is being watched, a game is being won or lost, or just good ‘ol online e-commerce shopping.

I’m writing this post because I have received numerous messages and inquiries from friends and family all over the world. They are concerned for our safety, as the international media portray the worst of the events and it creates the impression that the whole city is experiencing civil unrest.

Wan Chai, business as usual

The protest sites get ugly once the police move in to clear the demonstrators out, the injuries seem to be getting more serious as the riot police increase their arsenal of weapons and protection armour. What we do is follow the news, avoid going to the protest sites and like many other families, self-impose a 6pm curfew.

Movement within the city is otherwise still unrestricted and enjoyable if you can bear the summer heat. The destruction is very much for show and HK workers are so efficient, cleaning up the mess by the next morning.

The airport and local train systems are now a focus site of the protest, I’ve heard some speculating that the reason for the authorities to close it was not so much for passenger safety but to prevent the international audience from being alarmed upon their arrival.

I hope the flights resume, and if you’re thinking of visiting, all the theme parks are less crowded and hotels are less expensive.