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Panash Bakery on Hennessey Road

Hennessey road is generally not a nice road to walk on. It’s busy with people hurrying and weaving in and out. Bus fumes are the eau de jour, and there are heaps of buses that literally line up one after the other in a traffic jam.. They almost form a train. The incessant honking of cars and revving of minibus engines ricochet off the buildings forming an asynchronous symphony which could leave you with a headache and feeling rather out of breath.

 My suggestion is that you always try to walk on streets parallel to Hennessey but intersect it when you have to. 

This brings me to my favourite Hennessey traffic intersection. 

Depending on where you’re trying to get to, the intersection that leads from Johnston/ Heard Street over Hennessey to Lockhart and Jaffe is a very popular one. It’s a big junction and the roads are at least three lanes wide in each direction. What I love about this crossing is the timing of the lights. If you wait until all lights are green for pedestrians, you get to do the diagonal crossing and avoid getting stuck in the traffic island in between the directional lanes (1). You won’t have to wait for the other languages get to turn to cross at (2). You’ll see a few locals doing the diagnose all, feel free to follow their lead. 

If you’ve managed to cross over Hennessey  (1), and happen to need a snack, it’s not all that bad. Pop into Panash Bakery to pick up a loaf of bread or pastry. The raisin loaves (HKD 16 each) are light, fluffy and full of raisins. It’s one of my favourites. 

They have a board with baking times for the breads, occasionally you may get there to find that the croissants aren’t out of the oven yet. All the more excuse to try a different type of pastry.

Other pastries are equally popular, they have one called “salty bread” which is a special and the profiteroles which come in chocolate or cheese (HKD 3.50 each) are delight in a bite.

If you’re with a pram, you’ll need to park it outside as the space is barely enough to fit a person with a tray. The wonderful thing is, you can just stand at the door and yell for a staff member to get you what you want. Then flash your octopus card and be on your way again.

Ah yes. They don’t have seating, it’s not a cafe. It’s all for takeaway.


Tai Tai Pie Pie leaving Wan Chai

This sign just went up. It says that TTPP is leaving their little stall location due to an increase in rent. 


Tai Tai Pie Pie closing Nov 30th 2015
It’s really too bad. The Avenue is about to open and all the landlords are taking this opportunity to hike rates. I hope that Wan Chai doesn’t lose its little businesses and replaced with boring chain stores. 


Farewell little pie shop on QRE
I never saw many customers for the pies, which is probably also another reason they couldn’t keep the location. So the closest pies are now found at Great in Admiralty (TTPP retails in the supermarket).

Until the next TTPP announcement..

Hokkaido Dairy Farm: Family friendly HK style “tea house”

I have possibly the biggest baby pram/stroller in Wan Chai. I have seen a few others of the same make and model but yet to see one that’s larger. Many people grunt and tut when they see me coming, some even grumble audibly. Well, the kid is comfortable in it, it’s got big wheels to glide over the nasty bumps and I’ve got tons of space for toys and groceries. So there.
A cha chaan teng in Wan Chai that will allow you to bring a stroller in? It’s pretty much unheard of. Parents with a stroller and kids in tow are relegated to eating only at Eric Kayser or Starbucks (or Passion at off peak hours). Where can one go for a Hong Kong style breakfast that will allow a mommy, baby and monster stroller in?

Hokkaido Dairy Farm
This is an important announcement to all mothers wanting a HK style breakfast. If you have your pram/ stroller with you, you can forget about eating in the famous Kam Fung or Capital Cafe. Famous they may be, but so popular that space they have none. They fill every square inch of space with a table or a stool. Aisles between tables are so narrow, you need to crab walk by them to squeeze into your seat… My pram barely made it through the front door of Capital Cafe and it got stuck in an aisle by the open tables. The staff yelled at me to shut the pram but I yelled back that it wouldn’t make a difference. That’s when they threw me out. Oh well.

Not at Hokkaido Dairy Farm. At off peak hours, this little cha chaan teng is quiet, service is fantastic (look out for a staff by the name of Mui Lee- super switched on), and the food serving is hearty.

Breakfast at HDF

The menu is the similar to other HK cha chaan tengs so at least you’ll get your fix. There’s a kids menu too. My little one wanted macaroni so that’s what she got.

Menus at HDF
If my stroller fits through the doors, yours will too.

Here’s how to find it. On Johnston road, between Hennessy Primary School and the iClub Wan Chai hotel. If you’re lost, look around for the 759 store and go towards the left as you look at the entrance.