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Kang Kee Fresh noodle shop in Wan Chai market

My friend JC lives in Kowloon but I have since convinced her to do her dinner grocery shopping in Wan Chai. Usually on Mondays and Thursdays when we meet, she’ll come with me through the market to pick up her vegetables, meat and some condiments for dinner.

On Monday, she asked me where she could buy good freshly made skins for dumplings. 

“Ah”, I said. “You can get them from Kang Kee.”

JC said she didn’t know where it was but could I take her next time? JC, this post is for you.

Kang Kee is a fresh noodle institution. 

Every morning, trucks with heavy sacks of flour show up, guys load them onto their backs to carry it into the store. In the back of the store, machines get going and a fine layer of flour dust covers the entire shop and surrounding floor area. 

They make all the popular shapes of fresh noodles. Flat ones, Fat ones, skinny ones, white ones, yellow ones, mouse tail ones. They also sell Chee Cheung fun if you’re inclined to eat it at home instead of at a dim sum restaurant. You can also get the dried noodles in fancy flavours, crab, abalone, scallop etc.

There’s also the variety in skins. Square ones, round ones, big ones, small ones, you can pretty much wrap whatever morsels in these. The great thing is that the fresh noodles are smooth and do not require preservative. The dumpling and spring roll skins also made fresh lack the distinctive chemical taste that I find in frozen supermarket versions.

I usually buy spring roll skin and popiah skin from here. It’s freshly made and you’ll need to get there before two if you need it in quantity. It sells out pretty fast. Alternatively place your order the day before.

Everything is sold by weight except the dried noodles which have already been pre-weighed and sell by the piece. 

You can also pick up manufactured packets of pasta, vermicelli and various sauces here. 

I’ll be taking JC there personally but you contact me for a tour of the wan chai market or find Kang Kee here:

Best Fishballs in Wan Chai Market

I’m a fishball fan who has been disappointed many times in Hong Kong. What’s often touted as famous or good Fishballs tend to be rather dense, over salted or just chewy. 

Worse, some just taste artificial or “fishy”. Ultimately each stall has their own recipe and preference for the type of fish used. 

So my favourite stall so far is this one, F3 in Wan Chai indoor market. The other stalls in the outdoor market simply disappoint in flavour and texture.

My recommendation is to get the white Fishballs made of sea fish meat. It’s pretty popular and depletes quickly. I usually buy HKD 60 worth for three people. 

You can use it to make a fantastic omelette – dice the Fishballs into small cubes, pan fry with spring onions and drizzle the egg over it- or boil it and eat with noodles and green vegetables.

The stall is in the busy corridor connecting both sides of the market. So it’s best if you wriggle yourself in there, but what you need and get out quick. Or you’ll find yourself jostling for space.

Coconuts and Spices, Herbs and Sauces

Ok here’s an update to this post: the shop has moved (probably due to a hike in rent). 

Here’s the new address


If you enjoy Asian style cooking (curries, soups and seasonings) and often eat at home, you may already know about this shop. 

Shing Fat Coconut Co. is the only shop in Wan Chai market that carries a wide range of spices and fresh coconut. They offer coconut cut, ground, juice and milk. Range enough for any Thai, Indian or Malaysian curry or laksa you wish.

Here’s some photos to help you figure out if they have something you need. It’s a lot less expensive than the supermarket up the road and decent quality too.

Satay powder, curry powder, moringa seeds
Soya sauce and coconut oil
Tinned coconut milk, vanilla and cinnamon sticks

And if you’re looking for herbs and spices to create your own seasonings, you won’t be disappointed.

Need a spice? just ask!
Sauces galore
Pastes, fermented sauces

If you’re looking for instant noodles, vermicelli for your Vietnamese dinner, you can also find it here. Fraction of the price at City Super.

ok that’s cat food at the bottom
Friendly shopkeepers

There’s also fresh pandan leaves for sale.

You can see the workers packing the spices into more manageable portions. 

Finally, the most critical ingredient for all Malay desserts…fresh coconut. Ground or milk they sell both all freshly done in the shop. I’ve seen the guys slicing, skinning and juicing the coconuts. It’s all in the fridge so just ask for it and pay by weight.

They also retail coconut oil for whatever purpose you have for it… I remember my friend, a haematology professor swearing that it keeps her hair black, shiny and healthy… She’s now 75 and still doesn’t dye her hair.. So there you go!

Find them listed here.