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Ceramic pop up back in Wan Chai – April 2018

It seems these ceramic pop up shops are very popular.. not surprising given that there are so many patterns and shapes of dishes to choose from. This pop up shop is here for the month of April 2018, but if you really need some ceramic ware, get there soon as they only stay as long as the landlord doesn’t find a longer term tenant.


The shop looks like this. It sells the ceramic ware but also a mish mash of household items.

What’s for sale…. plates, saucers, bowls galore… here are the pics so you can plan your purchases and self brought bags to cart it all home!

Ceramics shop pop up in Wan Chai Road

Update: it is now September and the ceramic shop lease has run out. They are no longer here. It is now a sock and towel shop for a few months!

As stores vacate their spaces due to rent or other business decisions, landlords keen to keep the space in use and tenanted seem able to lease them out for short periods of time. It’s almost like an Airbnb for retail. 

The tenants rent by days til their goods are sold or by month until the landlord finds a long term tenant. It keeps the neighbourhood lively and interesting… there’s never a shop shuttered for too long.

Ceramic shops seem to do fairly well as pop up stores, fragile but non-perishable. Here’s one that appeared on Wan Chai road last month.

Matching sauce bowls and soup spoons. All in pretty patterns.

Chopstick rests and dipping bowls.

Mugs and other random household items.

Lots of plates and bowls.

Small soup bowls in various colours and prints. 

Small dinner plates and heat tolerant dishes for baking.

More plates and bowls with lids for kids.

They also have plain white crockery.

Then I spied more appetiser dishes..

Suggested pairings for your dining set. 

It looks pretty fun to mix and match your place settings! And not expensive either:)

Find the shop here:

A “pop up” ceramics shop on Queens Road East

Update: This shop has left Queens Road East ☹️. Originally a steel and wire shop, then a ceramic pottery shop and now….?

A heavy industry shop in Wan Chai that used to sell steel wires and steel reinforcements for renovations and contractors was forced to move last year. In its place, a temporary retailer of ceramics called “Stoneage (by Kal)”has taken up residence. 

I popped in to have a look at what’s on sale. 

Lots of bowls, plates and dishes, many designs and colours.

If you need glasses for less expensive entertaining or vases, they have an assortment in stock. There are also small bowls for smaller helpings, like appetisers or dessert and dipping sauces.

More porcelain bowls, small teacups or sake cups. Square or round, take your pick. In the photo above, the extreme left of bottom shelf you can also see some ceramic tureens suitable for double boiling of chinese herbal soups and stews.

If you need one of these large stew pots, it’s available here quite inexpensively. This would serve a family of four.

There’s also this type of ceramic herbal soup/ tea brewing pot that can sit directly on a gas stove. Volumes are smaller for this pot but it has a handle for pouring. Just bear in mind that it’s non-insulated and you’ll need decent oven gloves to handle it.

There are also lots of mugs in every color to suit any table setting you have.

The only thing is that for that cheaper price, the ceramics tend to be heavier and of a rougher make. So if you want lighter, thinner and more refined crockery, I recommend King Tak Hong across the road which stocks Japanese made ceramics, or Sogo for high quality stuff. But for everyday use or if you urgently need some for a party, it’ll do.