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Pedestrians beware: Crazy Woman in Wanchai 

I was walking down Lockhart Road yesterday at 11am (not rush hour) looking for a shop to buy the Grohe shower accessory that broke. I was walking at an even pace without any erratic change of direction. I was looking out on both sides of the street to find the shop that I’d been referred to.

Suddenly I heard a jangling noise and a sharp pain in my calf just above my ankles. A metal push cart had caught me in step but the person pushing the cart didn’t stop and caught me in my other leg as well when I stepped forward. This was definitely intentional.

It was painful and it was a shock. The pavement is amply wide and it wasn’t crowded by any definition. 

So Why and Who did this?

I turned back to look expecting an apology of sorts, or just a tip of the head at the very least. But no…. what I got was a lady in a mask glaring at me as though I had just elbowed her or something. 

She gave me the glare and just wheeled on without a word. I was stunned and it took me a second or two to recover and chase after her. She may have some physical and mental disabilities but it doesn’t qualify her to go around ramming people with her delivery cart. 

Look out for her and avoid if possible. Unless you have my misfortune and she’s coming up behind you…