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Glass recycling in Wan Chai

Ok. Found some places where you can send your glass bottles for recycling. I read this article in the SCMP about April, the green activist who organizes dump trucks and volunteers to collect glass from various parts of Hong Kong. 

They are spread out over different days, times and areas so I’d advise you to check before lugging all the glass you have down there. 

This is the information for Wan Chai.

Green Glass Collection point Wan Chai
Glass recycling collection sites Wan Chai

You should also refer to this link to confirm that the glass you’re sending is suited for recycling

But here’s a quick graphic from their site to tell you what they do take (check out their site to see what they don’t).

On their site, they list restaurants and bars who actively work with them to recycle glass bottles… you can check out if any of your favourite watering holes are among them….!

P.s. You might also like to know that if you buy the glass bottles Kowloon Dairy milk, you can rinse and return for a dollar at any 7-11, PnS or Wellcome.


Is Wanchai’s City Tree dead? (With update below)

The Wanchai City Tree project has been a disappointment to me so far. After I saw the launch by its Founder and team (flanked by lots of dudes in suits) with lots of snazzy photo taking and media buzz, the City Tree has been mostly ignored since. More ominously a black netting has been wrapped around the tree… it’s a bit unclear if this was to prevent the recent typhoon(s) from ripping out all the plants or whether the plants aren’t quite acclimating well to the environs.

I see the following issues:

1) not very aesthetically pleasing

2) rather exposed seating area

3) no way to know whether it’s working (the screen has been blank for a while now)

Individual plantlets on the City Tree

What the City Tree needs is a big display above the awning indicating what the second to second PSI is, flicking to what the PSI variations are during the day and night. That way, all passersby will be able to see what the traffic contributes during rush hour, how particles decrease after a good thunderstorm or on a public holiday. 

Come on Herr Denes Honus and teamyou can do better than that. If you’re struggling with the PSI indicator, please collaborate with Dyson. My Dyson Fan Air Quality Indicator works very well.

Will Wan Chai be filled with City Trees? Replacing any trees that fall during typhoon season with City Trees would be a welcome start though the effect on the landscape isn’t quite the same. See the article below on possible intents…

Vertical gardens that ‘eat’ air pollution and how Hong Kong could use them 

Quick update: the black netting has now been removed. The coverage of plants seem to be a little more extensive but the computer display was definitely not working right.

City Tree Netting is off today


But computer is faulty