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The never ending queue of Kam’s Roast Goose

Have you heard about Kam’s Roast goose in Wanchai?

There’s a story of a family feud, arguments over intellectual property and a legal battle. Kam’s Roast Goose is the result of a split off.

This little restaurant in Wanchai that has seats that pack people in like sardines in a tin sees a never ending queue on weekends. Thinking of going at 2 or 3pm to skip the lunch crowd? Forget it, you’ll still be in the line for at least 30 minutes. Perhaps on a day of thunderstorms, that’ll be the time to go.

The location was expertly chosen. Facing the large, busy trunk of Hennessy road where traffic flow is a constant, The restaurant benefits from the wide sidewalk which allows people to queue 2-3 abreast and still provide space for pedestrians. The school occupying the adjacent plot completes the perfection of this lot as no other shops or restaurants complain about people blocking their frontage. The school entrance is on the other side and there isn’t any impedance to either party.

What about the food? I like everything but the goose. Somehow goose doesn’t really appeal to me… the meat is dark, on the dry side and in very small portions. I go for the siu yok, char siew and yao gai. Those dishes are excellent and you can takeaway at a very decent price.

When I went a few weekends ago to buy takeaway, I waited about 15 minutes (there were 3/4 people in the takeaway queue in front of me). A couple came along and asked the reception lady how long they would have to wait. “2 or 3 hours” she said without missing a beat. “Could be faster if people do drop out of the queue“.

If you can bear the wait and queue at the restaurant, bring a face mask because the fumes from the passing buses get really bad. It’s one of the worst stretches of bus fumes in Wan Chai.

Find your way to Kam’s Roast Goose.

Marks and Spencer Food Store Opening Hours

Why don’t corporate websites publish their opening hours?

This morning rogue #1 requested a clementines. She said: “I like the ones ethat are easy to peel and without seeds. Can you go to uynh Spencer to buy them.”

Geez. Ok so rather thanks ttidisappoint a four year old, I checked that the local fruit shops didn’t have anything similar (ok they had the Japanese Mikan xxrgr fversion at twice the price) and hopped on a bus to the nearest M&S food hall.

I recalled that opening hours were later on Sundays and public holidays than the rest of the week but I couldn’t remember if it was 8am instead of 9am or 10am instead of 9am.

I looked up their website only to find this.

Hmm. Ok address yes but no opening hours. Urgh. Am I going to wait around for an hour or get there just on time?

CORRECT opening hours for Marks and Spencer in Queens Road East

It was 8.45am on a Sunday morning and I waited 17 minutes. The auto glass doors rolled open for me at 9.02am and two other waiting women (who arrived just after I did).

I picked up 3 packs of easy peelers and 1 pack of Satsumas at 49 HKD each. Three freshly baked croissants at 13 HKD each.

The clementines were a hit with the kids on our hike, I distributed them at the summit and the wonderful perfumed scent of small citrus fruits filled the air.

So now you know when the opening hours are for M&S in Queens Road East..!

Marks and Spencer has now updated their corporate website to include the opening hours of each store around the world. But… it’s not correct..! So please continue to refer to my version 😉

WRONG opening hours

What’s the smell of Hong Kong Winter time? 

No, it’s not the smell of coal power stations…although quite often that’s what it smells like in Hong Kong on polluted winter days.

Walking across the traffic crossing towards Wan Chai MTR, a wonderful scent of roasted chestnuts filled my nostrils. It’s winter time!

Yum yum. I haven’t had any yet… but I’m sure these ladies will be somewhere around here as long as no buskers get the spot first.

They are also often across the street by the Hang Seng bank.

Eight Fishes Japanese Restaurant, Amoy Street, Wan Chai

I have been craving Japanese for a while. Not ramen noodles but bento box style Japanese cuisine. 

As we left home, a quick scan of my brain map showed the nearest Japanese restaurants. There’s Grand Asia right above the Stone Nullah Tavern (ok but not fantastic) and the places I’ve yet to try near Wood Road (but that entails a less pleasant walk). I remembered that there is a small Japanese sushi type bar in Amoy Street near the completed Avenue development. 

It was only 11am and after a session on the swings, the small person was happy to walk anywhere for some food. 

The restaurant was called 魚八 or Fish Eight. It had just opened for the day and was completely empty when we stepped in. The staff were cheerful and welcomed us in. I was trying to decide which bar seats would suit us best when one of them suggested we sit upstairs at the tables. 

Up a nicely decorated flight of stairs, we were offered any table we liked but the ladies responsible for service upstairs pointed us toward the corner table. Nothing like a good corner to corral an active toddler.

Upon presentation of the menu, the staff informed me that if we paid up before 1pm, we’d get a 10% discount. Sounds like perfect timing. The lunch menu was reasonably priced and more extensive than I thought. 

I decided to go with the eel rice box, small person wanted noodles, so it was the udon soup for her.

As it was a lunch set, our meals came with miso soup and a bean mochi dessert. 

My unaju was pretty good. Tender and a right amount of sauce. The ratio of eel to rice was also just right. The miso soup was flavourful and had a good amount of tofu, mushroom and seaweed (hate it when they skimp on that).

The udon soup was so-so, the soup base was quite thin but the pork slices were quite tender. She enjoyed the smooth noodles. 

The bean mochi was sweet and small, I liked the taste and it didn’t stick to the teeth which is a thumbs up.

Overall I thought the prices reasonable for a set lunch and the atmosphere better than I had expected. The waiter was extremely diligent about topping up my glass of warm water without being asked. That in itself deserves a star for service.

Return again soon? Yes indeed.

Note: no space for prams and strollers. No high hair for kids but they do have kid friendly cutlery.