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Where the Philippinos (Filipinas) and other helpers go to shop

In Wan Chai‘s street market along Stone Nullah Lane, a few shops cater largely to the Philippino population. 

This is where domestic helpers go to buy their necessities like coffee mixes, snacks and toiletries inexpensively and also familiar brands and tastes from home. 

One of the shops I frequent monthly to buy my helper’s coffee (she has to have it daily as a morning and afternoon fix). The shop “Save More” has the largest economy size packs available at the most attractive price (i.e. cheapest!). No doubt all the Philippino population know this, judging from the long but fast moving queue. 

Here’s the Nescafé 3 in 1 mix that my helper can’t live without. A pack of 50 individually wrapped sticks for $42 HKD. It’s the cheapest per unit you’ll find in the market.

There’s also SkyFlakes, the Filipino-Anerican packaged cracker, a large pack for $24 and other processed foods and sauces. Cheap alcohol of brands I’ve never heard of are stacked by the counter, toiletries and soaps etc are kept at the back of the shop, past the counter.

Note that they don’t sell these sorts of packs in the supermarket, at Taste, the coffee packs were way more fancy and definitely the price reflected the packaging.

So if you’re getting a new helper and want to help her with her budgeting (supermarkets are pricier places to shop), you can direct her to Stone Nullah Lane, specifically to Save More but she’ll also enjoy browsing the other small Philippino food stalls along the same street.