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Another Wan Chai casualty… Sugarcane juice and five flower tea shop lost to Sheung Wan

A few weeks ago, I showed a friend around Wan Chai. I made a point of gesturing across the street towards my favourite sugar cane juice and herbal tea hangout. After we said our goodbyes and parted at the MTR station, the small person requested for her favourite five flower tea.

Imagine our disappointment when we found the place torn up and undergoing extensive renovation!

Small person couldn’t understand it and kept insisting that she wanted her tea. We hung around almost in disbelief. Finally a guy came out and pointed some signs which were pasted on the pillars beside the shutters.

 “The shop has moved to Hollywood Road No.60.” He said. “But if your order is over 100HKD, they’ll deliver”.

That’s quite a lot of drinks I’d have to be ordering to make it worthwhile.. Such a pity these excellent little shops are being evicted for higher rent when they’ve plied their business here for years.

Sugar cane juice and five flower tea on Johnston Road

Situated between two property agents at the Southorn playground government building, a little shoplot plies its trade in simple Chinese herbal teas and the better known turtle herbal jelly.


Gong li herbal tea shop
Their specialty is sugar cane and the fresh sugar cane juice is absolutely delicious. I buy them in bottles. Refreshingly sweet, cold and thirst quenching. It’s a wonderful summer drink.


delicious five flower tea
In the wintertime, they can warm up any tea you want. Today we had the five flowers tea (五花茶) which was so good we had two cups of it.


Menu & price list
They were promoting a special sugarcane water chestnut dessert for Chinese New Year. 120 HKD a pack. I plan on giving it a try. They’re accepting orders already, usually for collection the same day.

If you need to rebalance your yin yang energy levels in Wan Chai, this little tea shop is a good stop. At least they have two or three small tables for you to sit and enjoy your drink… A luxury that most of these herbal tea shops cannot provide.