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Back to the “One Tiger” 一虎拉面 Japanese Ichitora Ramen Shop

It’s been at least a year since I went to Ichitora Ramen. The last time we were there, we suffered some gastrointestinal discomfort and thus haven’t dared to venture back for an extended period of time. 

Today the small person asked to eat noodles and egg. Maureen is shut on Sundays so I had to come up with another restaurant suggestion. Ramen it was.

You’ll know that the restaurant is open if the long red lantern is hanging out by the door. If it isn’t, they are definitely shut. 

At 12 noon the place was full but as turnover is pretty quick, we waited for about five minutes and got our two seats. The friendly waitress with spectacles recognised us and cheerfully directed us in. I noticed that the chefs were different and they had new wait staff too. 

Ichitora Ramen menu

So firstly take a look at the menu and decide what sort of soup base and toppings are preferred. 

Placing your order

Then place your order using the red marker pen provided, circling the options you want.

A bit of self service

Help yourself to chopsticks and condiments when the food arrives… Cups and jugs of ice water is available at the table too.

Enjoy the food when it comes! 

I found the ramen bowls and servings to be smaller than I remembered. The gyoza was a little mushy on the inside although very crispy on the outside. Small one wasn’t into it as she complained they were too spicy for her. She was happy with the egg and noodles though.

Iced water freely available

The restaurant is mostly counter style seats with two tables towards the back. Be prepared to share or just get seated wherever there is a space.

Bill wise, it was usual Wan Chai pricing, but I think it’s better value and service than the other ramen shop Tai Wong East Street.

Find it here.

Come early on weekdays or be prepared to queue.