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Directions to the Upper House via Pacific Place

Last night I had to drop off a document to a friend staying at the Upper House above Pacific Place in Admiralty. It’s been at least five years since I was last there and I couldn’t quite recall how to get there. 

Each of the large hotels Conrad, JW Marriott and Shangri-La have their own lift lobbies connected to the top floor of the mall but I don’t remember seeing one specifically for the Upper House

A search on the web yielded… nothing short of useless information. I was quite frustrated that one of the swankiest, fanciest hotels in Hong Kong situated in location touted as convenient would intentionally make accessing it so obscure that it would force to you take a taxi to be sure you arrived. (See these instructions on their website and you’ll get my point.)

even a search on google maps was elusive

Nevertheless, saddled with an urgent mission, toddler and I made our way to Pacific Place. It was after dinner time, cooler weather prevailed and I figured it would be no problem to walk along roads if necessary.

We took a bus getting off at Pacific Place, then proceeded to the information counter ( ground floor) at the far end of the mall towards the cinema for directions. 

The lady at the counter was certainly counting the minutes to the end of her shift, the mall was beginning to shut down for the day. She waved us toward the lifts and said to take them to the fourth floor and that would be the Upper House. Ok, sort of. 

We took the glass mall lifts up to the fourth floor and ended up by a driveway podium area. We had to cross the driveway and a lit up glass walkway (you can look down through the glass into the mall) to get to the Upper House. The signs for the Upper House are not in any way conspicuous, a thin neon sign at roughly eye level with the initials inscripted into a logo is all there is. 

The first sign you’ll see stepping out of the elevator is the sign for the JW Marriott that’s on the left of it.

So there it is for the record. You can access the Upper House via the mall lifts or from the lobby entrance of the JW Marriott. There’s no “direct” mall access but it isn’t too inconvenient. It was only on returning to the elevators that I saw a covered walkway linking the Upper House to the Marriott to the elevators. Good to know.