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Johnston Road, Hennessy Road shutdown

The police have been out in full force since 1.30pm. They’ve shut the roads and are keeping the protestors limited to certain roadside areas.

Otherwise, roads are looking clear!


Update on road closures

This is an update announcement about the road closures in Wan Chai. It affects all the buses travelling along Queen’s Road East.

The entire Queens Road East and Johnston road is closed from 2.45pm until the road re-opens later tomorrow night or on Sunday.

If you’re looking to get out of Wan Chai by bus, do take note of these temporary changes.

Police outreach program 

I was standing in the bank of China branch along Queens Road East when I heard a blaring siren. It was coming from a police MPV that had parked outside the bank. 

The siren blasted its wails every few seconds and sometimes erratically so it made me jump whenever it sounded. Well, it certainly got everyone’s attention. 

I waited about five minutes, the sirens stopped blasting and I stepped out to see what the fuss was all about. Initially I thought it was the police either doing a raid or a random street immigration inspection… or worse, arresting someone.

The security guard saw me hanging around and approached me to see if I needed help opening the door. 

“What’s happening outside?” I asked him in Cantonese.

“Police are distributing leaflets” he answered.

I stepped out onto the pavement and saw three uniformed police officers holding a stack of leaflets which they attempted to give to anyone who cared to make eye contact. 

The policewoman asked me if I lived in Wan Chai. Yes I said and she handed me this.

Pretty funny poster. It looks like it was done in-house. The message is clear though. I guess this outreach program is in response to the increasing number of people falling for scam artists and fraudsters here.