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The Wan Chai scene in April

There were three articles describing how much income, interest (as in wanting to know, not rate) and inebriation would be happening in Wan Chai over these 2 holiday weekends.

From financial conferences to lighting exhibitions, expensive Art shows (Art Basel, see some pics below) to the biggest Rugby sporting event in Hong Kong, a rush of events has brought a huge number of visitors to Hong Kong and specifically to Wan Chai.

Yes, it’s the location. The HK exhibition center is here, the bars and restaurants, the red light districts all within a wandering over some pedestrian bridges.

The prediction of a boom in clients to the bars, prostitutes, late night love motels must send all on that short stretch of Lockhart to Fenwick into a giddy madness.

I wanted to go check out the scene and take a few photos for you, but I sprained my ankle badly on Friday and am unable to put any weight on it.

If you wake early enough on Sunday I’m sure you’ll get to see the “after party scene”. In the meantime I’ll just have to read about it in the news.

News Articles:

Socially irresponsible drinking’: Sevens means big business for Wan Chai bars

Inside Wan Chai’s love hotels during Hong Kong Sevens week

Rohypnol and rip-offs: the dangers of Wan Chai during Sevens week

Here’s a video describing the articles above.

The darker side of the Hong Kong Sevens Weekend

Here are some of the Art pieces I liked at Art Basel 2018.

Sex den bust in Wan Chai

Wan chai is such an interesting place to live. 

There’s always something intriguing going on in the neighbourhood that you’d never know about while walking on the pavement. I’ve probably walked to Causeway Bay via Lockhart Road at least 100 times and I’m still fairly oblivious to which buildings are conducting legitimate business and which buildings are leased for other purposes.

I saw this article flash up on my newsfeed.

Asia Times: 30 held after raid on sex dens busts Wan Chai prostitution ring 
Ok, I wondered, where is “Hop Yee building“? A google map search yielded no results. Instead I recognised the location from the photo and did an approximation on the map and found it.

It’s right next to the fairly upmarket Como Como serviced apartments

So next time you’re walking by with a friend…. nudge nudge wink wink…

Looking for love…

….in all the wrong places

Looking for love in too many faces…

This post related very well to the lyrics in the song by Johnny Lee: Looking for love

A while back I came across an article about a police immigration raid in Wan chai. This was interesting to me as I walk most of the streets in the daytime and have only a faint idea of where the sleazier (grittier as my friend’s husband prefers) stuff happens. 

Between the hours of 9am and 6pm, the shops are open, pavements are full of pedestrians, flyer distribution promoter types, contractors delivering goods and carpenters either smoking or trimming pieces of wood. 

Occasionally I would hear the echoey cluttering mahjong gambling houses in the afternoon, they are mostly empty in the mornings which is when the staff can fling the faux golden doors open for airing. The exterior decor of these gambling halls are quite fancy but one who doesn’t know may think it’s a fancy restaurant or not notice it at all. 

It may not be a surprise then, to discover that within a three minute radius of these gambling houses, stands one of Wanchai’s famous/notorious institutions where the winners/ losers can spend the rest of their money, time and energy. Prostitutes who are working legally (i.e. not being pimped and have their own quarters) have taken up residence in this particular building and ply their trade from small sub divided apartments. Each of these apartments are equipped with its own water and power supply and hence is deemed a legal dwelling.

So to save you wondering what the establishment looks like (yeah yeah..from the outside only ok), I’m going to satisfy your curiosity here.

I’ve walked this street on both sides probably a thousand times but never noticed the entrance. A very narrow corridor between two interior furnishing shops with a lit up sign, though the interior stores have taken great care to ensure their signs are brighter.

I soon realised while strolling past, that this was indeed no ordinary building. I think this must be one of the fanciest stairway entrances on the entire street. White tiled marble with backlit cornices reminiscent of Greek mythology, the effect on men must be similar to an ascent to Olympus. 

The building

A rather tall, washed out pink coloured building with lots of air conditioning units, one wouldn’t think it out of place or unusual in appearance until you study the windows.

Pretty much all the windows have been blocked from prying eyes by window film stickers of various colours. There’s barely any natural light that enters the building. 

It’s supposedly frequented by locals and appeals to the chinese speaking crowd. 

You can put this on your alternate sightseeing map when in Wanchai. If you’re showing guests around based on my blog, all I ask is that you show them this post and write to me with your comments about Wanchai :).

Fuji Building on Lockhart road