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Best Fishballs in Wan Chai Market

I’m a fishball fan who has been disappointed many times in Hong Kong. What’s often touted as famous or good Fishballs tend to be rather dense, over salted or just chewy. 

Worse, some just taste artificial or “fishy”. Ultimately each stall has their own recipe and preference for the type of fish used. 

So my favourite stall so far is this one, F3 in Wan Chai indoor market. The other stalls in the outdoor market simply disappoint in flavour and texture.

My recommendation is to get the white Fishballs made of sea fish meat. It’s pretty popular and depletes quickly. I usually buy HKD 60 worth for three people. 

You can use it to make a fantastic omelette – dice the Fishballs into small cubes, pan fry with spring onions and drizzle the egg over it- or boil it and eat with noodles and green vegetables.

The stall is in the busy corridor connecting both sides of the market. So it’s best if you wriggle yourself in there, but what you need and get out quick. Or you’ll find yourself jostling for space.