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Fire Engine Frustrations

Inconsiderate people are everywhere. Not just at the lifts at the MTR. Is it Hong Kong’s stressful, time-lacking situations that make it so? It must be tough work being a customer service officer here. People want top service but are out to get the best deal and expect the first class infrastructure to help create that competitive environment. 

I watched this Fire engine wail past me at the Wan Chai / Johnston Road intersection, its fire fighters all suited up and sirens at maximum volume. I took a leisurely stroll (maybe 2km/hour) up Wan Chai Road towards the market to find it completely stuck before the Queens Road East intersection. How can a person carrying a baby, a backpack and an umbrella be walking faster than a fire engine?

How frustrated the firemen must be. Cars were double parked two vehicles deep on one side and a truck occupied the other side of the road. And the truck and goods people expected the fire engine to somehow squeeze its way through. The road was certainly not designed as a three laned highway. 

If a fire was burning down a house or a family was trapped in an elevator, this little traffic jam would be wasting valuable time. Do the drivers care? No. What if it’s their family? 

The truck finally moved off at the insistence of the fire engine. Those cars double parked should’ve moved off too. 

If only the traffic police would allow pedestrians to report obstructions and penalise them, that might force all these drivers to behave with more consideration. 


Update on road closures

This is an update announcement about the road closures in Wan Chai. It affects all the buses travelling along Queen’s Road East.

The entire Queens Road East and Johnston road is closed from 2.45pm until the road re-opens later tomorrow night or on Sunday.

If you’re looking to get out of Wan Chai by bus, do take note of these temporary changes.


Taxi crash on Queens Road East 

Seen this morning, two taxis with passengers getting into an argument over who had right of way. 

Clients paid and exited, leaving the drivers to sort it out.

 Queens Road East has a few dangerous junctions where impatient drivers may collide with other impatient drivers and pedestrians.