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The last day of July 2017: Monday Night in Wan Chai

On a very hot and quite polluted Monday evening, the sidewalks of Queens Road East were particularly busy near the Indigo Hotel and Wu Chung House. People were hanging around a place they had no business to be hanging around. Those pavements are narrow and at busy road intersections.

I guess the safety aspect was marginally addressed by the peak hour slow moving traffic. The pedestrian traffic was also similarly slowed by the concentration of humans occupying a sidewalk that is lined with recycling bins on one side and trees on another.

Look at this:

I was literally having to wade through a bunch of zombies to get to the bus stop. 

If you crossed the road, the situation wasn’t much better. 

All these zombies milling around anxiously looking at their phones. No one acknowledged each other, though they all knew why they were there. Perhaps they were fighting to the death online and that makes them enemies in real life too.

I sneaked a look at one of the player’s screens. POKEMON.


Wan Chai Post Office..

..is accessible with a pram. 

For a while now, ignorant me has been going up and down the escalator in Wu Chung House with my purple monster. I’m pretty good at it but I admit that I almost had an accident once where the pram wheel got stuck when I was trying to get off the escalator at the top. Luckily a Good Samaritan was there to help pull the pram up onto non-moving ground. 

No one bothered to tell me. Not the security guards wandering around, none of the office workers who migrate in and out of the building every day. 

Finally, I saw a courier guy hauling lots of packaged down a corridor and thought I might see where it led.

Between the Bank of China and newly renovated Fubon Bank lies the corridor to the cargo lift.use this lift to get up to the 2nd floor. Exit out into the main lift lobby area and head for the open air terrace. The still renovating post office is on your right. 

The post office seems to be downsizing which is a pity. I liked the look and feel of the old one. It had the pop up black Lego style linoleum floors and the counter windows were lined with wooden panels. There was also plenty of space for queuing, prams, people and parcels.

Now it’s white laminate, fluorescent lighting and half the floor space for customers. I do hope it’s a little larger once they remove the hoarding.

Update: there’s a bit more room now, counters are fewer but there’s a bit more space for staff. Here are some picts.


unless you want speedpost, get in the main line
room to write, stick, stamp, weigh, tie and a big bin to discard