First City Tree in Hong Kong will be installed in Wan Chai

Could Wan Chai be the urban district in Hong Kong with the cleanest air?

In exciting news today, the government has announced that the City Tree project is underway, the first of which will be installed outside Hopewell Center.

Roadside traffic pollution is particularly bad, those enviro 500 buses often spew out large amounts of exhaust, everyone waiting for buses are victims inhaling high levels of PMI 2.5.

I saw the sign for a city tree on Lee Tung Avenue while it was under construction. It was situated outside the present restaurant called Hay, right beside the upcoming Tesla Showroom in QRE. With these ideas and new tenants, perhaps we’ll see much more energy efficient installations in Wan Chai. Presently, a planter stands where the City Tree signage was.

This next picture indicates what it does.

Well, it would be good to have an area of clean air in Wan Chai, although there is no mention of when. There is massive construction beside Hopewell Center and I have a sneaky suspicion it’s not going to get installed until the construction is done (i.e. in another few years).